Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Primed and ready

Eliot was excited about Amazon’s Prime Day when he heard TG Inc. would be part of the awesome deals offered that day. Magic panties, sure to bring the woman out of any man, would be secretly slipped into select packages purchased that day. Ladies clothing would have TG Inc. written all over it. Dresses, blouses, pantyhose, and of course, magic panties.

Ever the optimist, Eliot bought several packages of panties, praying to be one of the lucky ones. As an optimist, he bought a whole wardrobe of women’s clothes. He found an adorable little black dress; lingerie, sleepwear, and high heel shoes. Eliot had everything he needed to be a real woman.

Amazon’s superfast shipping had the panties along with the rest of his new wardrobe at his doorstep in no time. He ripped open the packages, discarded his boy clothes and pulled on a beautiful black panty with deep blue frilly fringe. It looked so cute. Eliot decided to wear the bra and dress right away. He wanted to feel like a girl. Then he took a nap and dreamed of a smooth front.

When he woke up Eliot was gone; Marie was there instead. He jumped off the couch and started dancing for joy. He was a girl! Later Marie discovered TG Inc. planted a magic panty in every package of panties. What a great world we live in, Marie thought. Life is so good. And thanks to Amazon, she got a deal.


  1. were suppose to let me know in advance when these magic panties were made available so I too could be among the first to order them!!!!

  2. I would have loved some. Or magic boots.