Saturday, July 9, 2016

Show Off

TG Incorporated started the transgender revolution taking over the human race. The first standard treatment of surgery coupled with nanobot therapy was a winner from the first day, and I might add the number one way a guy can be his feminine self still today. Chad here is the poster girl for TG Inc. therapies. Now Macy, she could not wait to show off. So many guys need time to adjust to their new bodies, but Macy was the first and she had no time to waste putting what she had to work.

Macy strutted her stuff outside within a few hours of finishing her treatment. The doctors credited the fast recovery to massive practice before treatment began. Chad would not be caught dead in guy’s clothing. Dresses, heels, and pantyhose were all she would wear. Once the transformation was done, she could handle the new lifestyle because he was practicing it for so long.

The news media picked up the story and it went viral. TG Inc. owes its existence to Macy. She is all too happy to oblige. Macy now works as a spokeswoman for the company. She gets lots of dates from men wanting one last fling before it is: chop, chop.

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