Monday, July 25, 2016

Tag, You're It

“Step right this way boys. Have the time of your life playing TG Laser Tag. Build teams and settle old arguments where nobody gets hurt. I can see it in your eyes boys; you have a score to settle. Don’t you worry, TG Laser Tag is the ultimate game enjoyed by boys everywhere just before they are turned into girls.” The barker continued his speech as the two groups of young men watched. Will and Jay knew it was the only way to end the violence in the neighborhood.

TG Laser Tag: Two teams enter the maze and for twenty minutes fight their war. Each player puts on a suit filled with nanobots. TG Laser Tag is harder than the regular game of laser tag. In TG Laser Tag only a hit to the small target on the chest or center of the back will count. If you are hit the nanobots are injected and the computer will prepare clothing for you on exit. Once you are hit (and a girl) you are still in the game. Without worry of being hit you can boldly pursue you enemies.

The game unfolds the same way every time. The side that has the most conversions to girls now has more unfettered warriors ready to charge and the advantage. If the teams are not careful…

Will and Jay had each other’s back. Their team made several early hits. Half the other team was girls 5 minutes in. With so many girls, they charged and broke the defenses of Will’s and Jay’s team. Each side went back and forth with the number of hits. Will and Jay were the last two boys left. With only twenty seconds left the other teams charged in a wedge formation. Will and Jay were hit (and girls) before they knew what happened.

Will and Jay spent time together after the match and discussed their new life. The animosity between the boys in town dissolved. Being girls changed their outlook. The computer provided clothing and names for Will and Jay: Rachel and Elise.  The girls had to admit, they felt much better now after the game of TG Laser Tag.

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