Sunday, July 17, 2016

Race Day

Requested by: Robert Cooper

The big race was the most anticipated of the year. The hot Danica Patrick was sure to spice up the race, too. What more could a fan hope for than a hot woman driver on a hot track pushing the men around? The smell of dust and oil filled the air as the racers revved their engines. The flag dropped as smoke belched from the tires burning on the pavement.

The fan favorite, Danica, was in the lead when the unexpected happened. A number of small vortex bubbles started raining down on the track. The drivers swerved to save themselves. Remember, any man touched by the null space inside a vortex bubble was converted into a woman.

Danica had nothing to worry about the vortex bubbles, but the other drivers were another story. As she cut sharp to avoid several cars a vortex bubble touched her car and in a never before seen event, bounced off her car and into the stands hitting Larry. For an instant the vortex bubble acted as a swapping chamber.

Danica was pissed. They all thought Larry was going ape shit at first. Then the crown realized what had happened; Larry and Danica swapped bodies. Larry knew he got the best end of the deal. She had an awesome career now where men loved her. It pays to be the fan favorite. 


  1. Nice story and what a picture! Hot, hot and even hotter girl!!! Z

  2. Loved it. Maybe Frank could win a race while in Danica's body?