Thursday, July 7, 2016

Zoe Visits the Doctor

There is a reason hospitals have redundancy systems in place. Eddie is an awesome example of what can go right, oh, I mean wrong, when a hospital does not follow procedure. Eddie was scheduled for minor surgery. If all went right he would be home by noon.

But the doctor read the wrong chart and took Eddie in for a sex change. We are talking a top notch job here. The chart the doctor grabbed was from a very wealthy family so the transformation would be so real even Eddie would question if she was ever a man.

When Eddie opened his eyes she was Zoe. When Zoe asked about her gallbladder the nurse knew something was up. It was realized Eddie was given the wrong surgery. Zoe relaxed on the hospital bed and smiled. She had a perfect woman’s body. For Zoe, the surgery went just fine.

1 comment:

  1. When Zoe realized what happened, she smiled to herself and knew her dream came through! then the doctor walked in and said, Mr. or um I guess, Ms......I don't know what went wrong but my lawyer will be here shortly. I want to settle quickly and quietly with you so please work with me and don't sue me. With that, Zoe knew life would be even more beautiful!!!!!
    Now Zoe is waiting for Krazy Kay to take her on a wonderful shopping spree of elegant lingerie and summer dresses so she will have the dream of her life come true!!! Shopping like two teen age girls, Krazy Kay and Zoe had so much fun as we shall see in the future! Thank you Krazy Kay!!!!!!