Sunday, July 3, 2016

Young Again

Mornings started slowly for Dale. Stiff bones and joints require caution before jumping out of bed for fear of throwing his back out. Age was catching up to Dale. It would take a miracle to give Dale his youth back. Funny, miracles do happen, but not as one would expect.

Age has other problems, too. Dale is alone now that his wife passed several years ago to breast cancer. The house is quiet now, the wife dead and the kids grown and on their own. Dale works his job just to fill his days. Friday nights are always hard. Dale has a whole weekend with himself. By ten o’clock Dale disrobed and slid under the covers praying for a long night of sleep and peace.

A miracle happened that Friday evening. An unreported vortex bubble slowly floated down to Earth, passed through Dale’s home, passed through Dale and moving through the Earth and out the Pacific Ocean on the opposite side the Earth and continuing on its way through space. The vortex bubble does what it always does; it turned Dale into a woman. Since there were no official vortex warnings Dale saved money by keeping the vortex shield off. Besides, what are the odds?

The next morning Dale woke slowly. He has not felt this good in the morning in years. There were no aches or pains. This caused Dale to waken all the way. The first thing he noticed is that he felt soft. He looked down and saw bumps under covers. He brought his hands to his chest and… ah!

He has tits! Dale moved his hand to his crotch and… OMG! Dale reached to the night stand and turned on the radio. A lone vortex bubble is in the news, “…no reports of any transformations.” The news will need to update when Dale reports his night.

Dale was happy with the results. The Vortex Bubble Board issued him new identification papers. He is Candy now. He loves wearing women’s clothes, so pretty and all. He decided to retire when he started dating. Now living with his fiancĂ© morning sex has new meaning for Dale.

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  1. To a certain extent this might have been me, also a widower with back issues. Send that vortex to my house one night Kay! Thanks! Zoe