Monday, July 18, 2016

Three Cheers for Sandy

Dad was sick and tired of Sandy failing classes and partying all night with boys. It was time for Aaron to be a dad and lay down the law. He dragged Sandy to the TG Inc. office for a temporary swapping. Sandy complained it was not fair with the big game Saturday night coming up; she also had a date with Brad. Dad did not care. He would take Sandy’s place. No need for the team to suffer for Sandy’s behavior.

Dad found he like Sandy’s body. The young female frame moved easily without pain or stiff muscles. Dad attended a few cheerleading practice sessions before attending the big game. Dad, as Sandy, did an awesome job. The jumping and bouncing was great! All the boys noticed her chest jumping with her; dad enjoyed the attention.

After the game dad decided to keep Sandy’s date with Brad. He had to know what went on when he was not around. The new Sandy discovered she like it on top. Once again, more fun bouncing. Sandy was unrepentant when dad came home after curfew that evening. Sandy, in dad’s body, said, “I told ya so!” It did not matter. Dad enjoyed Sandy’s body and boyfriend so much there was no way he was going back. Dad delayed returning to TG Inc. until the process was irreversible. Now dad has a curfew, but she looks so damn cute in her cheerleading uniform.

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  1. Poor Sandy.....if only she had behaved she would have enjoyed her life as a teen and then more. However, her Dad sure managed to figure out how to have a great life on the other side!!!!! Z