Thursday, July 28, 2016

Warrior Women

The galaxy is filled with super hero wannabes. Brad happened to be one of those super heroes in training when the cold, hard truth crashed in. If Brad was going to serve the Galactic League of the Community of Worlds he would need to make some radical changes. For starters, the League does not need any more men, but there is a high demand for women warriors.

The decision was easy: when do we start? The League made the necessary adjustments to Brad, well, actually, Marie, if you want to get technical about it, and started training her in female fighting techniques. Marie is a natural. Soon, Marie had the guys coming toward her where she excelled at hand to hand combat. Up close, Marie had the advantage of distraction.

It became clear Brad was a girl in waiting all these years. Brad did not even know about it; Marie has no doubts. With her hand razors she slices and dices the enemy with ease. Her innocent face lulls the enemy into a false sense of superiority. Then Marie does what she does best. The razor wheels flash out at lightning speed killing all enemies of the Community.

In case there is any doubt about Brad, consider the simple truth. As a young boy he wore panties when he could do so unnoticed. He took every opportunity to live as a girl when he moved out on his own. As his dreams grew he put away the fantasy. When the Galactic League told him they needed female warriors he was so happy inside. It took all his strength to keep from jumping for joy. In the end, things worked out well  for Marie.

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