Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tony Robbins Changed My Life

Life was off the rails for Don. He saw a documentary on Tony Robbins and knew it was the only chance he had to turn his life around. He plopped down five grand for the conference. He was so excited waiting for the awesome day to arrive.

The energy was off the scale from the first moment of the conference. Tony picked Don out of the crowd as one of the people he would help live. Don could feel the changes taking place inside as Tony solved his problem.

Don had no idea it was possible. Tony heard how Don was born in the wrong body. By asking a few questions Don’s mind began transforming him into Grace. Grace was so happy when she saw how beautiful she was. She gave Tony a huge kiss as she ran from the room. The next day the crowd remembered Grace. By the end of the day she found true love in her first boyfriend. Tony is the real deal.

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