Friday, July 15, 2016

The Right Fit

The clothes didn’t feel right to Aaron. Yes, he knew he was on a TG world. Yes, he knew he was best man at his cousin’s wedding. Yes, he knew he had a duty to carry out the family traditions. Yes, he knew his cousin was two steps away from the throne.

It still didn’t feel right. Aaron felt naked and he still forgot to respond to his TG name, Taylor. The transformation was fast and painless, but it caused disorientation for Aaron, I mean Taylor. She struggled with how her new body worked. Walking was hard with extra weight on the chest and her hips moved differently, too.

The bride looked awesome! Taylor looked down and noticed how much she looked like the bride. Must be an honor to look like a relative of the bride, Aaron thought. Taylor tried to look stately. It was hard to do so with clothes to small for her body. Is this what women put up with every day? Aaron thought. He felt like his top was ready to pop out.

To help guests adjust they were given time to partake in some recreation. Taylor grabbed a video game control and started her favorite game. Before long she forgot all about her body and clothes. Before long it all felt natural. Taylor had one last decision to make: Does he stay on the TG world, honoring his cousin’s request? Now that his body feels right he is really thinking about staying.

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  1. STAY!!!!!! You might never have this great an opportunity again!