Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stealing Danica Patrick

Robert dreamed of stealing Danica Patrick’s body and living her life. It was only fantasy until TG Incorporated started selling swap guns. The guns were outlawed before they reached the market due to the overwhelming chance of abuse. Lucky for Robert he found a swap gun on the black market.

The next step took some stalking. He followed Danica until the right opportunity. He pointed the gun. Then, BAM! The gun made no noise when fired. All Robert remembered is one moment he was holding the gun, the next moment he was wearing an awesome bikini.

The gloss came off after a few days. Robert did not understand how much work is was living Danica’s life. The constant workouts and training were exhausting. And the guys! They were relentless. How many guys can a girl tackle in a week?

In the end Robert was happy as Danica. She won the next race because she practiced every day. The lifestyle soon became natural. Looking in a mirror and seeing her heaving breasts became a mark of pride. Danica felt warm inside with the constant attention as a driver and model. You could say the swap gun saved Robert’s life.


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  2. What if Robert was confronted by Danica after a race? Maybe he's changing out of her drivers suit when Danica confronts her.