Monday, July 11, 2016


College costs are out of control, but Tyler had a plan. Scholarships can pay a large portion of education costs. The good ones are hard to get, however. TG Incorporated needed a spokes-model to work the campuses; Tyler knew he was just the guy. There was only one little catch to the scholarship.

Meet Tracy. She is attending college with a full scholarship, including some spending money. She works hard in class, earning a 4.0. During her free time she shares the opportunities TG Inc. offers young men. So far this semester Tracy has convinced 38 young men to visit TG Inc. for a transformation.

Tracy knew it was a one-way scholarship. It does not matter. She has adjusted to her new life. Pantyhose, a dress, heels, and a purse all seem normal now. The career she has planned out is awesome! Once she finishes college she has a job waiting for her in management at TG Inc. I call that one lucky girl.

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  1. Pretty smart thinking on Tracy's part! No loans to repay, great pay, good grades and a job waiting for her after graduation! Z