Saturday, October 31, 2015

The First Orgasm

“Oh my god that feels so good!” Martin’s body quivered and quaked as he stood on the pad while wearing magic panties. The excitement of magic panties counted toward a lot of the pleasure, but Martin had no idea the transformation would be so orgasmic.

The latest version of magic panties from TG Inc. promised more than ever, and delivered. The transformation took only ten minutes. The instructions state you need to stand on the pad provided—this is where all the excess stuff you will no long need goes. While standing on the pad you pull on the panties and bra. In ten minutes you can open the envelope, included, for your new identity papers.

Another massive orgasm shook Martin’s body from top to bottom. He could feel his crotch getting wet. He knew his junk was gone and a perfect slit took its place. Slowly the sensation subsided. Martin opened his eyes and looked down and knew the process was complete. The panty fit perfectly now and she filled out the bra very nicely.

Martin stepped off the pad and walked to the wall mirror. “Wow! Just like the picture.” The words were little more than a whisper. The body was more than Martin dreamed of. He checked the box for the envelope and opened it. A small stack of papers were her new identity papers. She opened the passport. “So I am Mindy now. Hmm. I like it.”

A loose paper caught Mindy’s eye. The paper said: The first orgasm was on us. The next one you have to work for. Enjoy.

Friday, October 30, 2015

First Time as a Woman

The nanobot booth at the convention, sponsored by TG Incorporated, was more than Randy could resist. Since his girlfriend, Alexis, was into girls too, she was also excited to see her guy as a cute girl doing cosplay. The convention had a special affordable price for a temporary switch. The nanobots gave you 24 hours as a girl before you turned back.

After Randy drank the nanobot laced elixir, Alexis grabbed Randy by the hand and dragged him to a quiet alley. She shoved him against the wood lathing and said, “I only have you for 24 hours so I’m not wasting a second. You answer to Roxy now. Got it?”

Roxy did not have a chance to respond before Alexis pushed Roxy’s back harder against the lathing and kissed her deep. That evening the relationship grew deeper than ever before. The next morning, with only a few hours remaining for Roxy, Alexis said, “Want to go for the lifetime change?” Roxy only uttered a squeak as she nodded.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

TG Inc Poker Tournament

The World Poker Tour needed more elite female players. TG Incorporated had the solution and sponsored the event that changed poker forever. The grandest poker tournament ever was about to begin with a set of rules like none other.

The buy in was $100,000, winner take all. Over 80 tables were filled as the tournament began. As each player lost all his chips they were simply eliminated until the final table. The final table rules were brutal. The winner took home all the cash, each loser was forced into one of the famous TG Inc transformation technologies.

The best of the best players in the world were at the final table and all but one would be a woman before the night ended. The first loser was pushed in a nanobot tub, the next a swapping chamber, and so on.

The tension was high as the last two players remained. The winner would take home all the cash, the loser would fill out a dress nicely. The stacks of chips were nearly evenly split when the perfect hand began to unfold. With only one card yet to turn the players were all in. Curt had a slightly smaller stack of chips. A loss for him would be instant elimination of his manhood. If his opponent lost he would have a small stack of chips, but defeat was inevitable.

The audience held their breath as they waited for the final card to turn. The dealer flipped the card with a flick of the wrist. It took a second for Curt to realize he was beat. A crowd of female security guards grabbed him and held him down. They pulled off Curt’s clothes and pulled a magic panty/bra set on him. The winner was jumping up and down with his new-found wealth. In minutes Curt was Angeline.  All Angeline could do was grab her bags and head for the next tournament.

The World Poker Tour enjoyed record audiences with the new group of professional female players. I am sure being hot female poker players had nothing to do with it. Must be the card playing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Than a Woman

Modern technology has come a long way. For example, look how things have changed in the transgender community. Can you believe that at one time all doctors could do was provide hormone therapy and surgery in gender reassignment? It worked, but there were always problems. The solution was not perfect. Yes, they could shave the Adam ’s apple and reconstruct sex organs, but what about the fingers? It was impossible to operate on every part of the body.

Then TG Incorporated came along and revolutionized the industry with their nanobots, body suits, switching and swapping chambers, TG dust, magic panties and more. Transformations that took months or even years in the past are now performed in an afternoon with results so perfect the patient would pass a DNA test.

New technology also has problems. Success breeds problems all their own. Like computers, TG Inc had to come up with a new and improved version every year to drive sales. Remember their ad, “Be more than a woman”? It started with the virginity craze. The nanobots became so effective that after you had sex as a woman the nanobots would revirginize you. It was like your first time every time.

You would think the “forever virgin” would be the do-all and end-all of the TG technology craze. Think again. Just in time for the holidays TG Inc has an all new patented nanobot/body suit treatment. It’s expensive, but worth it. Now you can shapeshift into any woman you want. Keeping with their background, TG Inc only offers girl designs.

Todd could not stop himself. He wanted to be catwoman so bad his manhood hurt. Now his manhood is gone and she is happier than ever. Imagine his surprise when he removed the body suit and he remains a woman. Maybe he should have paid more attention in orientation.

If only Halloween could last all year.

Planned Vacation

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TG Surgery

Scott’s sister, Tina, discovered his secret. Scott secretly wanted to be a girl so he took every opportunity to wear Tina’s clothes. Tina noticed her clothes were moved and set a trap, catching Scott.

Tina sympathized with her brother. She helped him realizehis dream. Tina helped Scott go a little further each day. For the first week Scott only wore Tina’s panties. Once that felt comfortable she added pantyhose, then the bra, then breast forms in the bra, followed by a blouse and finally a skirt. With Tina’s help Scott looked exactly like a girl. The wig and makeup made it perfect.

But Scott was still sad. He didn’t want to just look like a girl; he wanted to be a girl. Slowly Tina brought her brother to the only solution: surgery. The doctor started the hormones and the therapist made sure Scott was ready for the complete change of gender. Time flew by as Scott’s body changed. His breasts grew until breast forms were not needed to fill the bra and his skin became soft like a girl’s.

Finally Scott changed his name to Dana. The surgery date was set and it was time for the final step. The surgery went smooth; Dana remembered nothing and the pain was minor compared to what she expected. Tina was so happy to have a sister. Wearing a bra and panty set Dana covered her eyes. She could not believe how good she looked. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm Famous

It was the most important day of Kay’s life. After struggling with her gender identity she underwent surgery to be the woman she always was underneath. Terry died the day of the surgery and Kay never looked back on that moment until today.

Today Kay has a story to tell. Readers in the world at large wanted to know how Kay came to be a captioner.  A young man contacted her after reading her blog of captions. The more the man asked the more intrigued he became.  Kay was amazed at how mesmerized the man was by her moment of transformation.

A story always needs a photo of the victim. In this case Kay took a selfie and gave it to the journalist. For one day she feels important, famous. After the magical day ends she returns to her family and her farm animals, living her life as she always has: a woman in full.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Girl's Adventure

You can take the boy out of the body, but you can’t take the body out of the boy. Mike lived his dream of being a girl. He invested his inheritance in the perfect female body. He wanted everything perfect for the family reunion. People were coming in from all over the galaxy. This will be the only time he will ever see many of his extended family members.

The transformation to Samantha was the easy part. Taking care of his new body was harder than he anticipated. Women really have to work hard at looking good, with all the sunbathing, makeup, clothes, and dealing with body parts. Samantha has plenty of time to look perfect for the reunion and she will need every minute of it.

It was at the family reunion where it was pointed out to Samantha she had made a few critical errors. Her tan lines didn’t match the dress she chose. She brushed it off at first until she was shown a picture, the one you see here. Finally, Samantha got it. It did look funny.

Samantha had a great time meeting so much of her family. Nobody cared she was the replacement for Mike. The tan lines were a great conversation piece. Samantha knew she still had a lot to learn about being a girl. Every day is an adventure, an adventure she enjoyed to the max. To Samantha, nothing beats being a girl.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Grass is Always Greener...

Carl wanted to get out no matter what it took. He had had enough of Earth and all the bullshit politics. Earth evolved into a government center of human worlds leaving few job opportunities outside government paper pushing jobs. He was sick of the whole mess. Most alien worlds were by invitation only and predominately female.

Every world had a lottery system to apply for travel to that world. Carl entered the lottery in the permanent residency slot. He knew what winning would require. He was ready to do whatever it took to get away from the high taxes, high crime, poor job prospects, and deteriorating environment of planet Earth.

Carl won the lottery in the third round. He raced to the transition center with his ticket in his fist for light surgery and a nanobot bath. He was given new papers for his identity. Now Theresa has a ticket to a new world. She felt so good as the nanobots removed excess body parts and grew the right parts. Theresa felt so sexy as she prepared for her journey to a new world.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

Wendell was so excited about Halloween he forgot to check the manual before stepping into the body suit. Here is the section of the manual Wendell should have read first:

1.)    This body suit is permanent. Once you put it on you can never go back. Make sure you really want to be Samantha before pressing the sealing seam.
2.)    Samantha is a real girl with all the lusts of a real girl. It is important to understand you will want what a young, horny girl wants.
3.)    The transformation is instantaneous.
4.)    You will forget your old self within minutes. New memories will be implanted into your brain. Some girl-appropriate memories will remain, as well as, language and education. However, you will remember growing up a deprived girl eager to please men.
5.)    The body suit emits pheromones. Men will find you irresistible and you will be helpless in denying their hunger.
6.)    Enjoy

Samantha can barely remember who she was as she practiced on the Popsicle.  The old memories faded fast as she plotted her strategy to lose her virginity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween By Any Other Name

The Zemba celebration of the moon world of Qunix IX began in the eighth day of third month. Tradition required all people on the planet to join in the festivities, even visitors. Alan found the customs fascinating and enjoyable.

The people of Qunix IX went out of their way to include everyone. Alan found it strange when they started calling him the white jewel. When he asked what they meant by “white jewel” the people only smiled. Then several women started pampering him and measuring his body. “You are an important part of our customs, Alan,” a woman said to him. “We need to prepare you for your role as master of ceremonies.”  Alan didn't understand. He wanted to be a gracious guest so did as he was told. He was taken to a room with a chamber. He stepped inside when asked. When the door was closed it was pitch black. After what seemed a lifetime the door cracked open.

Alan instantly knew something was wrong. He looked down and saw the changes. “It’s okay. You will learn to love your new life. You are the guest of honor at the Culmiton, the final and grandest part of the Zemba celebration.” The women helped Alan into his costume. Alan thought the headdress was beautiful. They assigned Alan a new name: Xyla. “When do I get changed back?” Alan was curious how long he would be a woman. “Back? You don’t get changed back,” the woman said.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Love Riding Bike

A girl has to stay in shape somehow. But she should learn to read a contract first or find someone who does before signing.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Used Panties, Part 3: I'm Innocent!

Used Panties, Part 3 of 3: I’m Innocent!

Scott made a career choice by selling used panties. He became Emily to produce her own supply. Later, to increase her profits, she solicited several of her college buddies to make the change for a cut of the profits. Emily has been netting over $7000 per month for the last six months. When life is this good the bottom always falls out. Emily knew the gig was up when she saw the police officers at his door.

The officers were all business when Emily opened the door. They asked Emily who she was and demanded a DNA sample. The officers said they were following up on a murder. DNA evidence at the scene indicated a menstruating woman had killed the 380 pound bodybuilder. Emily began protesting, claiming she had nothing to do with it. “It must be someone who bought one of my used panties. There is no way I could kill a bodybuilder.” The police officers thought the lady doth protests too much and arrested her.

The DNA matched. The trial was short. Emily was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Here we see Emily’s new roommate, Tonya. Once again Emily has a woman between her legs. It reminded her of her life before, when she was Scott. Prison had its bad points, but Tonya made it bearable. At least she did not have the stress of running a successful business.

A Lovely Daughter

The maternal instinct is the most powerful force in the universe.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Used Panties, Part 2: What Are Friends For

Used Panties, Part 2 of 3: What Are Friends For

Emily accepted her fate and put her old life as Scott behind her. She was sick of working a regular job when the money from selling used panties was so great and the work so easy. The only drawback was how much supply she could produce. If there was a way to increase production she could make some real money. Working alone she can earn around $350 per week; if she had a few employees she could pull unlimited amounts of cash.

Emily tried to convince some of the nice girls in town to help him out for a slice of the profits. Nice girls were not interested. Next, Emily got together with a group of college buddies and found they were more than excited to join the company on one condition: they each got to nail Emily before they had the TG Inc. treatment. What is a business woman to do? Emily provided her first employees the fringe benefit they desired.

Over the next month Emily had eight college buddies get a sex change. She also kept producing used panties herself. She split the profits 50/50 on each used panty provided by the new girls. Emily kept 100% of her own production, of course. Here we see Bob, now Beatrice, modeling for a used panty advertisement.

Business was booming. Emily was pocketing over $7000 per month. But when money comes so fast and so easy it is only a matter of time before fate ruins your best laid plans.

Continued in Part 3: I’m Innocent!

A Heavy Book

Never underestimate people in a crowd, especially if they seem a bit drunk.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Used Panties, Part 1: Money Belt

Used Panties, Part 1 of 3: Money Belt

One simple act can change your life forever. It seems innocent enough at first, but then the consequences lead to places you never imagined. Scott found this out the hard way when he was busted for smoking weed. Hell, weed is legal in some states and it hurts nobody. So Scott would enjoy the mellowing effects of THC a few times a month.

Too bad Scott was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was relaxing with a joint in his back yard. His back yard abutted a park. Since it was after dusk the park is quiet so he could enjoy the simple pleasure. A cop decided to check the park that night and Scott was busted.

Normally it would be a small fine and no more. Scott’s employer found out, however, and fired him. Desperate for money, Scott was willing to do anything to get his bills under control when he discovered a little known money-maker: used panties.

He started small. He could sell used panties he wore to other interested transgender people. But the real money was in used panties worn by women. It was an easy call. Cross-dressing panties made about $120 per week. If he visited TG Inc. and bought a pair of magic panties he would be a girl in one day and could increase his panty profits by 200%.

Here we see Scott, well, Emily, modeling a bra/panty set. She will get a good price, no doubt, but there are only so many hours in a day to wear panties. She needed a way to increase supply when another idea hit her.

Continued in Part 2: What Are Friends For

Doll Collection

Sometimes things are not what they seem and it does not pay to get mad about it either.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Apple of Daddy's Eye

A modeling career is all Axel wanted from as long as he can remember. His first memories contained images of dressing up in dresses and parading around the house. Mom thought it was cute; dad thought it was strange. By the time Axel was twelve he refused to wear anything but girl’s clothes. Mom was concerned, dad no longer amused.

It was hard on dad to see his boy acting like a sissy. After a while though it became normal; Axel always dressed like a girl. Unless you looked really hard or saw him naked you would swear he was a girl. The Beckman Modeling Agency caught wind of Axel when he started college. The agency offered him an opportunity of a lifetime. He had the look advertisers were looking for and the agency was willing to help Axel be a real girl.

How could Axel refuse such an offer? Soon Axel was gone and Kelli was the brightest star to hit the runway in years. She was a natural on the catwalk and her modeling portfolio had pictures to die for. Mom and dad accepted the inevitable. Kelli is happy and that is all that matters. Dad was more reluctant, but when he saw what Kelli made per modeling gig he was tempted to try the lifestyle for a while himself. Mom talked dad out of it. The family only had room for one knock-down gorgeous woman. Besides, mom needed dad for personal reasons.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good Game

Ah, yes. The boys really like their football. Many of them were destined for professional balls teams, for sure. But parents felt the boys were playing a bit too rough. Before someone got hurt the parents concocted a solution. If the boys still wanted to play their favorite game they would do so as girls, since girls don’t play as rough.

Or so the parents thought. Here is a shot of Friday night’s scrimmage. Jake is carrying the ball while Fred is bringing her down. On second thought, the parents may want to reconsider their premise; girls play a hell of a lot rougher than the boys. Somebody is going to end up with a busted cunt if they are not careful.

Jake was the first to refuse to go back to TG Inc. and be a boy again; he preferred living as Betty. Fred announced his intentions to do the same later that evening; he wanted to keep his Melissa body. The following morning the rest of the team made the same choice. Looks like the hometown team is all girls now.

And somebody did end up with a busted cunt. After the next game Betty went on a date with the quarterback of the other teams and… well, had her cunt broke.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Field Goal

“I made that field goal,” Mandy screamed at the ref. “It was inside the goal post!” The ref was not having it. “Com’on!”

Oscar struggled as the field goal kicker for the Tigers. The coach needed something to motivate Oscar into reaching his true potential. A quickie sex change over at the TG Inc. office should have done the trick. “You want your junk back,” coach said, “you make every field goal the next game.”

As Mandy he felt looser, more relaxed. He made the first three field goals right down the middle. The last field goal would have secured the game, but the ball nicked the goal post wide. The ball tumbled end over end to the right. The Tigers lost. Coach burned Oscar’s TG Inc. ticket in front of him with a scowl, ending any chance for Mandy to be Oscar again. The Tigers have Mandy the rest of the season… and next.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The New Quarterback

Joe knew he should not have made the bet. His football team was ranked #1 and faced their biggest challenge of the season. If they won they were in the Championship Bowl game; a loss would be devastating. Worse, if they lost they would face the same opponent in a lesser bowl game. Joe needed to eliminate the opposing quarterback once and for all so he made a bet with the other quarterback: the loser gets the TG Inc. specialty package.

Joe’s team was favored big. But the bet had both teams playing with reckless abandon.  When the play is that hard anything can happen and anything did. Joe and his team lost the game. The TG Inc. Specialty package was interesting to Joe. She discovered as a woman she could still play the game. As Erika, Joe can play better than ever and he will need it; they are playing their nemesis in the bowl game. Rumor has it Erika has a hell of an arm.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Requested by: NeoRock

Ed Smeardon was hot on the trail of an international terrorist responsible for the deaths of over 8,000 people. He forced the terrorist into a warehouse and called in backup. The warehouse was surrounded preventing escape. He entered, gun drawn, careful not to give his position away.

Condensation on the windows streaked down in twisting rivers from the humidity of the pool. The edge was narrow. To get to the other side, Ed had to tight walk the edge of the pool. The wet edge was too much. Ed slipped, flew out and landed back first in the water. He struggled to right himself. When his feet found the bottom he regained his balance and stood.

As he stood up he knew what had happened; he had fallen into a nanobot pool. His gun was gone. Water dripped from his outstretched hand as he tested his new body. Then it hit him Asuka? He was Asuka in full costume, well uniform. It only took a few moments for Ed to realize his advantage. As a woman, as Asuka, he was in the best place possible to bring the international terrorist he trailed to justice.  Game on.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Changing Room, Part Duex

Requested by: NeoRock

John was pissed. His office wanted to go to The Changing Room to unwind after work to kick off the weekend. Most of the guys at work liked the idea of spending a night as a woman; it turned them on. John had no such impulses.

Peer pressure overwhelmed John. One night as a woman is something he could probably handle so he went along. It was hard to comprehend the number of models available in the binders at The Changing Room. It was too hard to choose so he picked the one that looked most annoyed: the Stacy model.

Stacy found she had a great time as a woman, but she was glad as the night came to an end so she could go back to life as he liked it. It does not happen often, but malfunctions are possible with any machine. John was the lucky winner. He is the first guy to experience a permanent change.

The legal settlement set Stacy up for life, but she is still annoyed as you can see here. Deep down, in a weak moment — usually while slightly intoxicated — Stacy admits she likes life as a woman. But she will not give up her settlement payment… or the slit.