Sunday, October 18, 2015

Used Panties, Part 2: What Are Friends For

Used Panties, Part 2 of 3: What Are Friends For

Emily accepted her fate and put her old life as Scott behind her. She was sick of working a regular job when the money from selling used panties was so great and the work so easy. The only drawback was how much supply she could produce. If there was a way to increase production she could make some real money. Working alone she can earn around $350 per week; if she had a few employees she could pull unlimited amounts of cash.

Emily tried to convince some of the nice girls in town to help him out for a slice of the profits. Nice girls were not interested. Next, Emily got together with a group of college buddies and found they were more than excited to join the company on one condition: they each got to nail Emily before they had the TG Inc. treatment. What is a business woman to do? Emily provided her first employees the fringe benefit they desired.

Over the next month Emily had eight college buddies get a sex change. She also kept producing used panties herself. She split the profits 50/50 on each used panty provided by the new girls. Emily kept 100% of her own production, of course. Here we see Bob, now Beatrice, modeling for a used panty advertisement.

Business was booming. Emily was pocketing over $7000 per month. But when money comes so fast and so easy it is only a matter of time before fate ruins your best laid plans.

Continued in Part 3: I’m Innocent!

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