Monday, October 5, 2015

Cosplay Done Right

Carl was so excited about the upcoming fantasy convention. His wife loved dressing him up as a sissy and this convention will be the best transformation ever. He bought a top of the line cosplay body suit from the TG Inc. mall on Hudson. For a full week Carl will be a hot, unstoppable woman.

Winning the costume contest is important to Carl. Convention regulars from around the world are familiar with Carl’s high quality transformations. His wife is a makeup prodigy. As you can see, Carl is once again in the running to take home the trophy.

On the last day of the convention Carl is picked the winner. The vote was unanimous; everyone loved Carl’s cosplay Yoko Littner bodysuit design. He posed for photographs for over two hours. Then it was time to return to the real world.

In the back room Carl asked his wife to help him remove the bodysuit. She laughed at him as he struggled to find the seam to remove the suit. She said, “The bodysuit is a permanent model, dear.” Carl froze. What did she mean? Permanent? His face gave it away. His wife kept grinning, “You think I wouldn’t find out about your little tryst? Yeah, I knew you were up to something. I had you followed. Don’t look surprised and all innocent. You cheated on me, Carl. I made sure the Yoko Littner bodysuit would end any opportunity you ever had to cheat on me ever again. Now, grab your purse and let’s go home. I’ve always wanted to make out with a girl and you’re the lucky gal.”

1 comment:

  1. Amazing job kay. Think you could please do a cosplay cap for me too?
    Using asuka from neon Genesis evangelion or sailor moon?