Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Than a Woman

Modern technology has come a long way. For example, look how things have changed in the transgender community. Can you believe that at one time all doctors could do was provide hormone therapy and surgery in gender reassignment? It worked, but there were always problems. The solution was not perfect. Yes, they could shave the Adam ’s apple and reconstruct sex organs, but what about the fingers? It was impossible to operate on every part of the body.

Then TG Incorporated came along and revolutionized the industry with their nanobots, body suits, switching and swapping chambers, TG dust, magic panties and more. Transformations that took months or even years in the past are now performed in an afternoon with results so perfect the patient would pass a DNA test.

New technology also has problems. Success breeds problems all their own. Like computers, TG Inc had to come up with a new and improved version every year to drive sales. Remember their ad, “Be more than a woman”? It started with the virginity craze. The nanobots became so effective that after you had sex as a woman the nanobots would revirginize you. It was like your first time every time.

You would think the “forever virgin” would be the do-all and end-all of the TG technology craze. Think again. Just in time for the holidays TG Inc has an all new patented nanobot/body suit treatment. It’s expensive, but worth it. Now you can shapeshift into any woman you want. Keeping with their background, TG Inc only offers girl designs.

Todd could not stop himself. He wanted to be catwoman so bad his manhood hurt. Now his manhood is gone and she is happier than ever. Imagine his surprise when he removed the body suit and he remains a woman. Maybe he should have paid more attention in orientation.

If only Halloween could last all year.

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