Friday, October 30, 2015

First Time as a Woman

The nanobot booth at the convention, sponsored by TG Incorporated, was more than Randy could resist. Since his girlfriend, Alexis, was into girls too, she was also excited to see her guy as a cute girl doing cosplay. The convention had a special affordable price for a temporary switch. The nanobots gave you 24 hours as a girl before you turned back.

After Randy drank the nanobot laced elixir, Alexis grabbed Randy by the hand and dragged him to a quiet alley. She shoved him against the wood lathing and said, “I only have you for 24 hours so I’m not wasting a second. You answer to Roxy now. Got it?”

Roxy did not have a chance to respond before Alexis pushed Roxy’s back harder against the lathing and kissed her deep. That evening the relationship grew deeper than ever before. The next morning, with only a few hours remaining for Roxy, Alexis said, “Want to go for the lifetime change?” Roxy only uttered a squeak as she nodded.