Sunday, October 11, 2015


Requested by: NeoRock

Ed Smeardon was hot on the trail of an international terrorist responsible for the deaths of over 8,000 people. He forced the terrorist into a warehouse and called in backup. The warehouse was surrounded preventing escape. He entered, gun drawn, careful not to give his position away.

Condensation on the windows streaked down in twisting rivers from the humidity of the pool. The edge was narrow. To get to the other side, Ed had to tight walk the edge of the pool. The wet edge was too much. Ed slipped, flew out and landed back first in the water. He struggled to right himself. When his feet found the bottom he regained his balance and stood.

As he stood up he knew what had happened; he had fallen into a nanobot pool. His gun was gone. Water dripped from his outstretched hand as he tested his new body. Then it hit him Asuka? He was Asuka in full costume, well uniform. It only took a few moments for Ed to realize his advantage. As a woman, as Asuka, he was in the best place possible to bring the international terrorist he trailed to justice.  Game on.

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