Saturday, October 10, 2015

Changing Room, Part Duex

Requested by: NeoRock

John was pissed. His office wanted to go to The Changing Room to unwind after work to kick off the weekend. Most of the guys at work liked the idea of spending a night as a woman; it turned them on. John had no such impulses.

Peer pressure overwhelmed John. One night as a woman is something he could probably handle so he went along. It was hard to comprehend the number of models available in the binders at The Changing Room. It was too hard to choose so he picked the one that looked most annoyed: the Stacy model.

Stacy found she had a great time as a woman, but she was glad as the night came to an end so she could go back to life as he liked it. It does not happen often, but malfunctions are possible with any machine. John was the lucky winner. He is the first guy to experience a permanent change.

The legal settlement set Stacy up for life, but she is still annoyed as you can see here. Deep down, in a weak moment — usually while slightly intoxicated — Stacy admits she likes life as a woman. But she will not give up her settlement payment… or the slit.

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