Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TG Surgery

Scott’s sister, Tina, discovered his secret. Scott secretly wanted to be a girl so he took every opportunity to wear Tina’s clothes. Tina noticed her clothes were moved and set a trap, catching Scott.

Tina sympathized with her brother. She helped him realizehis dream. Tina helped Scott go a little further each day. For the first week Scott only wore Tina’s panties. Once that felt comfortable she added pantyhose, then the bra, then breast forms in the bra, followed by a blouse and finally a skirt. With Tina’s help Scott looked exactly like a girl. The wig and makeup made it perfect.

But Scott was still sad. He didn’t want to just look like a girl; he wanted to be a girl. Slowly Tina brought her brother to the only solution: surgery. The doctor started the hormones and the therapist made sure Scott was ready for the complete change of gender. Time flew by as Scott’s body changed. His breasts grew until breast forms were not needed to fill the bra and his skin became soft like a girl’s.

Finally Scott changed his name to Dana. The surgery date was set and it was time for the final step. The surgery went smooth; Dana remembered nothing and the pain was minor compared to what she expected. Tina was so happy to have a sister. Wearing a bra and panty set Dana covered her eyes. She could not believe how good she looked. 

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  1. good caption. it brought back memories of my past experiences.