Sunday, October 25, 2015

Girl's Adventure

You can take the boy out of the body, but you can’t take the body out of the boy. Mike lived his dream of being a girl. He invested his inheritance in the perfect female body. He wanted everything perfect for the family reunion. People were coming in from all over the galaxy. This will be the only time he will ever see many of his extended family members.

The transformation to Samantha was the easy part. Taking care of his new body was harder than he anticipated. Women really have to work hard at looking good, with all the sunbathing, makeup, clothes, and dealing with body parts. Samantha has plenty of time to look perfect for the reunion and she will need every minute of it.

It was at the family reunion where it was pointed out to Samantha she had made a few critical errors. Her tan lines didn’t match the dress she chose. She brushed it off at first until she was shown a picture, the one you see here. Finally, Samantha got it. It did look funny.

Samantha had a great time meeting so much of her family. Nobody cared she was the replacement for Mike. The tan lines were a great conversation piece. Samantha knew she still had a lot to learn about being a girl. Every day is an adventure, an adventure she enjoyed to the max. To Samantha, nothing beats being a girl.

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