Friday, October 9, 2015

Bike Ride

Money was tight so I started riding my bike to work to save money. I always wore my helmet and followed safe bike practices. Unfortunately, an intoxicated driver did not follow my philosophy. He swerved slightly out of his lane and caught my handlebar with his side mirror as he passed. The force of the contact swung me into the car so fast I had no chance to react. It all happened in slow motion. I saw it happen without any chance to save myself as my bike and body were twisted into and under the car. As light faded to black I assumed it was the end for me, until the pain and bright light.

The doctor was waiting for me as I regained consciousness. I must have been dreaming because I thought I heard her say, “Your midsection was crushed in the accident, Mike. The only option is to reconstruct with what is left. I promise to make you a beautiful woman.” It must have been the pain (or the pain killers — not working). The doctor is as pretty as an angel, however.

The next time I woke the pain was gone. I felt smaller, different. The nurse called the pretty doctor. She was a sight for sore eyes. She explained the accident and the surgery required to keep me alive. I was not dreaming, she really said she will make me a beautiful woman. The damage to my crushed groin made it necessary to reconstruct me as a woman. The doctor was kind enough to transform my whole body — girl parts and a guy’s body would be weird.

The nurse returned with paperwork. She showed me my new identity papers. My name is Mona now. I know the accident was bad and that I never really thought about being a girl, but I must admit I really like it.

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