Saturday, October 31, 2015

The First Orgasm

“Oh my god that feels so good!” Martin’s body quivered and quaked as he stood on the pad while wearing magic panties. The excitement of magic panties counted toward a lot of the pleasure, but Martin had no idea the transformation would be so orgasmic.

The latest version of magic panties from TG Inc. promised more than ever, and delivered. The transformation took only ten minutes. The instructions state you need to stand on the pad provided—this is where all the excess stuff you will no long need goes. While standing on the pad you pull on the panties and bra. In ten minutes you can open the envelope, included, for your new identity papers.

Another massive orgasm shook Martin’s body from top to bottom. He could feel his crotch getting wet. He knew his junk was gone and a perfect slit took its place. Slowly the sensation subsided. Martin opened his eyes and looked down and knew the process was complete. The panty fit perfectly now and she filled out the bra very nicely.

Martin stepped off the pad and walked to the wall mirror. “Wow! Just like the picture.” The words were little more than a whisper. The body was more than Martin dreamed of. He checked the box for the envelope and opened it. A small stack of papers were her new identity papers. She opened the passport. “So I am Mindy now. Hmm. I like it.”

A loose paper caught Mindy’s eye. The paper said: The first orgasm was on us. The next one you have to work for. Enjoy.

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