Thursday, October 22, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

Wendell was so excited about Halloween he forgot to check the manual before stepping into the body suit. Here is the section of the manual Wendell should have read first:

1.)    This body suit is permanent. Once you put it on you can never go back. Make sure you really want to be Samantha before pressing the sealing seam.
2.)    Samantha is a real girl with all the lusts of a real girl. It is important to understand you will want what a young, horny girl wants.
3.)    The transformation is instantaneous.
4.)    You will forget your old self within minutes. New memories will be implanted into your brain. Some girl-appropriate memories will remain, as well as, language and education. However, you will remember growing up a deprived girl eager to please men.
5.)    The body suit emits pheromones. Men will find you irresistible and you will be helpless in denying their hunger.
6.)    Enjoy

Samantha can barely remember who she was as she practiced on the Popsicle.  The old memories faded fast as she plotted her strategy to lose her virginity.

1 comment:

  1. While the suit is sexy & seductive; It is sad that Wendell has been completely lost by sealing himself into becoming Samantha! After all, having no memory of becoming a woman makes becoming a woman rather... anti-climactic! At least, in my opinion, Kay.

    But, in Wendell's new shoes, I might be inclined to rush things and try using that cherry popsicle to pop my own!