Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Field Goal

“I made that field goal,” Mandy screamed at the ref. “It was inside the goal post!” The ref was not having it. “Com’on!”

Oscar struggled as the field goal kicker for the Tigers. The coach needed something to motivate Oscar into reaching his true potential. A quickie sex change over at the TG Inc. office should have done the trick. “You want your junk back,” coach said, “you make every field goal the next game.”

As Mandy he felt looser, more relaxed. He made the first three field goals right down the middle. The last field goal would have secured the game, but the ball nicked the goal post wide. The ball tumbled end over end to the right. The Tigers lost. Coach burned Oscar’s TG Inc. ticket in front of him with a scowl, ending any chance for Mandy to be Oscar again. The Tigers have Mandy the rest of the season… and next.

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