Thursday, October 29, 2015

TG Inc Poker Tournament

The World Poker Tour needed more elite female players. TG Incorporated had the solution and sponsored the event that changed poker forever. The grandest poker tournament ever was about to begin with a set of rules like none other.

The buy in was $100,000, winner take all. Over 80 tables were filled as the tournament began. As each player lost all his chips they were simply eliminated until the final table. The final table rules were brutal. The winner took home all the cash, each loser was forced into one of the famous TG Inc transformation technologies.

The best of the best players in the world were at the final table and all but one would be a woman before the night ended. The first loser was pushed in a nanobot tub, the next a swapping chamber, and so on.

The tension was high as the last two players remained. The winner would take home all the cash, the loser would fill out a dress nicely. The stacks of chips were nearly evenly split when the perfect hand began to unfold. With only one card yet to turn the players were all in. Curt had a slightly smaller stack of chips. A loss for him would be instant elimination of his manhood. If his opponent lost he would have a small stack of chips, but defeat was inevitable.

The audience held their breath as they waited for the final card to turn. The dealer flipped the card with a flick of the wrist. It took a second for Curt to realize he was beat. A crowd of female security guards grabbed him and held him down. They pulled off Curt’s clothes and pulled a magic panty/bra set on him. The winner was jumping up and down with his new-found wealth. In minutes Curt was Angeline.  All Angeline could do was grab her bags and head for the next tournament.

The World Poker Tour enjoyed record audiences with the new group of professional female players. I am sure being hot female poker players had nothing to do with it. Must be the card playing.


  1. Hi Kay I was wondering if you could do a series of caps invoking mean girls where Lindsay Lohan's character is originally a boy who gets made up by the plastics

  2. Anon, I would love to caption your request, but I never watched Mean Girls. I would not know where to begin. If you give me more to go on I am happy to give it a try.

  3. Hey kay awesome job.
    When is the next game?