Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm Famous

It was the most important day of Kay’s life. After struggling with her gender identity she underwent surgery to be the woman she always was underneath. Terry died the day of the surgery and Kay never looked back on that moment until today.

Today Kay has a story to tell. Readers in the world at large wanted to know how Kay came to be a captioner.  A young man contacted her after reading her blog of captions. The more the man asked the more intrigued he became.  Kay was amazed at how mesmerized the man was by her moment of transformation.

A story always needs a photo of the victim. In this case Kay took a selfie and gave it to the journalist. For one day she feels important, famous. After the magical day ends she returns to her family and her farm animals, living her life as she always has: a woman in full.


  1. Hello. Congrats on your new-found fame! I posted about it on my own website, so there's even more publicity. Keep up the good work!
    Amanda Hawkins