Monday, October 19, 2015

Used Panties, Part 3: I'm Innocent!

Used Panties, Part 3 of 3: I’m Innocent!

Scott made a career choice by selling used panties. He became Emily to produce her own supply. Later, to increase her profits, she solicited several of her college buddies to make the change for a cut of the profits. Emily has been netting over $7000 per month for the last six months. When life is this good the bottom always falls out. Emily knew the gig was up when she saw the police officers at his door.

The officers were all business when Emily opened the door. They asked Emily who she was and demanded a DNA sample. The officers said they were following up on a murder. DNA evidence at the scene indicated a menstruating woman had killed the 380 pound bodybuilder. Emily began protesting, claiming she had nothing to do with it. “It must be someone who bought one of my used panties. There is no way I could kill a bodybuilder.” The police officers thought the lady doth protests too much and arrested her.

The DNA matched. The trial was short. Emily was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Here we see Emily’s new roommate, Tonya. Once again Emily has a woman between her legs. It reminded her of her life before, when she was Scott. Prison had its bad points, but Tonya made it bearable. At least she did not have the stress of running a successful business.

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