Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good Game

Ah, yes. The boys really like their football. Many of them were destined for professional balls teams, for sure. But parents felt the boys were playing a bit too rough. Before someone got hurt the parents concocted a solution. If the boys still wanted to play their favorite game they would do so as girls, since girls don’t play as rough.

Or so the parents thought. Here is a shot of Friday night’s scrimmage. Jake is carrying the ball while Fred is bringing her down. On second thought, the parents may want to reconsider their premise; girls play a hell of a lot rougher than the boys. Somebody is going to end up with a busted cunt if they are not careful.

Jake was the first to refuse to go back to TG Inc. and be a boy again; he preferred living as Betty. Fred announced his intentions to do the same later that evening; he wanted to keep his Melissa body. The following morning the rest of the team made the same choice. Looks like the hometown team is all girls now.

And somebody did end up with a busted cunt. After the next game Betty went on a date with the quarterback of the other teams and… well, had her cunt broke.

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