Monday, October 12, 2015

The New Quarterback

Joe knew he should not have made the bet. His football team was ranked #1 and faced their biggest challenge of the season. If they won they were in the Championship Bowl game; a loss would be devastating. Worse, if they lost they would face the same opponent in a lesser bowl game. Joe needed to eliminate the opposing quarterback once and for all so he made a bet with the other quarterback: the loser gets the TG Inc. specialty package.

Joe’s team was favored big. But the bet had both teams playing with reckless abandon.  When the play is that hard anything can happen and anything did. Joe and his team lost the game. The TG Inc. Specialty package was interesting to Joe. She discovered as a woman she could still play the game. As Erika, Joe can play better than ever and he will need it; they are playing their nemesis in the bowl game. Rumor has it Erika has a hell of an arm.

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