Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The First Day

We hear so many stories of what happens leading up to a MTF transformation or life after things settle down, but what about the first day, those first moments when a male discovers all he knows no longer applies. We can experience the magical moment with Wayne here as he lives his first day as Theresa.

Wayne knew what was about to happen. He planned the process to the minutest detail. TG Incorporated provided him a room for the night. The procedure took place during the day. As he slept the nanobots would finish what the surgery began. In the morning he woke to find Wayne is gone and Theresa is who she is now.

She looked down at her heaving chest as she remained in bed on her back. After several minutes she reached under the sheet to her crotch, feeling the smooth front of her pelvis. After getting out of bed she stared at her body in the mirror. Theresa ran her open hands over her smooth skin and nipples. It felt so different. Her skin was softer than it ever was as a man.

It took a long time to leave the room. A TG Incorporated employee helped Theresa prepare for the day. After a cold shower she had her hair dried and styled. Theresa was excited about the clothes. She wanted to know how it would feel as a woman wearing women’s clothing. It was different from before when he cross-dressed.

Theresa demanded she wear a skirt and heels her first day as a woman. No problem. Makeup was always a huge issue for Wayne. A lot of work was required to cover his masculinity. Now Theresa worked at enhancing her feminine beauty. By early afternoon she was ready to greet the world. Theresa walked around the corner and into the world with an awesome smile. You go, girl.

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