Thursday, September 10, 2015

Set Up

Somebody had to be the fall guy and Charlie was it. A military mission to kill a drug kingpin in a South American country ended up missing the target and killing twelve children. The commander made sure he was protected by setting Charlie up.

His reputation ruined, Charlie ran. If tried and convicted in a military tribunal he would face a firing squad. He had no choice if he wanted to live. Running would not be enough. Charlie’s face is plastered on news outlets. He would need to dig deeper undercover to clear his good name. The only choice: TG Incorporated.

Charlie left TG Incorporated as Rhana. His military training will come in handy when hunting his old commander. No one will expect a young girl to be so highly trained. Rhana used her tracking skills to find his old commander and killed him for his crimes against humanity and children. Justice was almost served. Then Rhana fell in love with his old commander’s son and married him. Now justice was served.

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