Friday, September 25, 2015

A Call For Help

Today will be different than any TG caption you ever read. It is a true story still developing.

You may recall I mentioned the reason I write this blog is because I have a daughter born intersex. When she was born we had to decide her gender immediately to protect her life. Her urinary track exited inside her vaginal area and from a distended penile structure. The risk of infection required immediate attention.

The doctors did a DNA test and discovered she was conceived male, but the Y chromosome became isolated. Therefore she is genetically 15% XY and 85% X, instead of XX. Since 85% of her cells lack the second X chromosome her body defaulted to the androgynous which is more feminine. She has no gonads (removed shortly after birth because they were pre-cancerous) and as a result, no sex hormones, testosterone or estrogen.

This is where the problem comes in. She is now 15 and taking hormone therapy to develop into a woman. Even though she is not transgender she had the same surgery and takes the same hormones. Up until age 12 she was very healthy. Once she started taking hormones at age 12 her health deteriorated. She must take hormones to develop into a woman. If she doesn’t the medical issues would lead to an early death so she must undergo hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy has caused serious migraines for her; she misses up to 40 days of school a year. She is in never-ending pain. The doctors have tried estradiol orally and the patch and have changed the dosage repeatedly without success. She does take the medication and has developed into a young lady, but it is a painful existence.

Many people come to my two TG caption blogs for a variety of reasons. I think a large number of my readers are transgender and I need your experience and help. As you can guess I try to make a few dollars off this blog. As you can also imagine, medical expenses in the United States are unreal even with good insurance. Every so often someone buys Ainterol Pueraria Mirifica from Amazon (Amazon provides a report of what is purchased from my blogs). I am wondering if this might be an alternative for my daughter. I am willing to try anything at this point.

I ask for your help, especially transgender people that have gone through gender reassignment and have dealt with similar issues. How did you find a medication that works? The migraines are the worst issue. They are really bad. Please share your experience in the comments below or email me if you want to help confidentially. Thank you.

Now you know why I’m Krazy.



  1. Saying that hormones caused the migraines is quite a stretch. 12 years is generally a rather typical age for histamine-related migraine to manifest. Try a diet avoiding anything soy, esp. soy lecitine (contained in almost any sweets), tofu, tomatoes (any form), mature cheese, esp. Parmsan, red wine, yeast products, incl. invert sugar, non-fresh fish or meat, anything fermented, anything pickled. See for a comprehensive list.

    There's a good chance that the migraine will resolve after two weeks of elimination diet, for example consisting of just potatoes, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh cheese, and non-yeast bread. If it does, work from there re-introducing single favorite foods, one at a time for a week.

  2. Thank you for you ideas. I will put some to work and see if we get any improvement. Diet is one thing we didn't think about

  3. yes, Kim Petras is pretty. I'm surprised that nobody commented on her. she has a fabulous life and story to tell.