Monday, September 21, 2015


The heist took place in broad daylight. The brazen attack on a TG Incorporated office was unprecedented. The police responded to the alarm with a SWAT team and backup. The alarm sent all TG Incorporated personnel out the door and to safety. Just as Oscar planned it.

By the time the swat team was in place Oscar was finishing his nanobot bath he prepared. There was no way in hell he could afford a transformation any other way than to break in a take the services needed. A quick jog to the clothing store inside the facility and he was ready for his escape.

Guns do not solve problems, but they can sure back people off just enough to make a getaway. The escape route Oscar planned was still open; the police did not notice Oscar’s plan. He hacked the computer and printed out his new identity papers and made a run for it. If the police stop him he will show his papers and say he was in the nanobot hot tub when the alarm rang. He will claim he is Lucy, a client of TG Incorporated.

His getaway was clean. What Lucy did not know is that TG Incorporated computers keep a log of all nanobots created. Their computer will tell police exactly what he looks like. It did not take long for the police to identify him; he was only seven blocks away before he was confronted. Lucy pulled out the gun. She was not going back!

A SWAT member flanked Lucy and shot her with a taser. The confrontation was over. Lucy’s fear she would be turned back into a man was unfounded. Instead she got wonderful accommodations at the women’s prison.