Saturday, September 5, 2015

Doctor Appointment

“I don’t feel right, doctor,” Mack said. “It’s not that I’m sick or anything; I just feel… off. My chest hurts and here too,” Mack swirls his left hand over his groin area, “and my skin feels funny, softer. Strangest of all is I haven’t shaved in a week and there is no sign of the slightest stubble. I’m very nervous about this, doctor. I need an answer.”

“That is a unique set of symptoms you have, Mack. Let’s get your shirt off and I’ll have a look.” The sexy red-headed doctor stopped for a fraction of a second when she saw Mack’s torso. It was a tell Mack picked up on. She listened to his breathing, checked his eyes, ears and throat. She gently pushed her fingers into his chest area and frowned.

“Wha, what do I do?” Mack stammered as his head spun from the realization of what happened. “The best thing we can do,” the doctor said, “is help you through the transformation, keep you comfortable. We also need to get a social worker involved. Is there a female name you prefer?” “Ah,” Mack thought for a moment, “I kind of like Alice.” “Great,” the doctor said, “you will make a beautiful Alice. And welcome to womanhood,” the doctor put her hand on his shoulder, “you will love living as a girl.”


  1. jay realized that at long last he was changing turning into the girl he was always meant to have been!