Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Selfie Madness

Adam had to try out the new TG Park. People all over town were talking about it and tourists from around the world crowded the parking lot waiting to get in. What is TG Park, you ask? Well, TG Park is a 3000 acre park where everyone who enters is transformed into a female while they are inside the park. It is a good way for guys to see what it is like on the other side. Pets are welcome.

Ticket prices for a full day were a bit steep but Adam saved up the money. He paid for his ticket and chose the Erin body. Inside the park he was so excited by how fast the transformation happened. After twenty minutes he remembered he wanted to take an—ahh—selfie of his new gender. Another tourist was amused by Adam as he created an image for the photo album and took a picture of his own— the one you see here.

Erin heard the shrill scream moments later and saw the tourist pointing. He laughed. Erin knew the lion was someone’s pet cat in for a day of ego. Erin loved his day at the park and did not want the day to end. He applied for a full time job working inside the park. Then he could be the ladypark ranger of his dreams every day.

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