Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Vacation, Part Duex

Requested : Annabelle Raven

Joey’s recent trip to Mystery Island ended with Joey leaving the Island as Erin. But that is not the whole truth. We learned dad came into some money to pay for the vacation. It was strange to the whole family when dad opened his wallet to pay for a vacation. So unlike dad.

We know the rules on Mystery Island. 1.) Most guys turn back into guys as they leave the island. 2.) You might have a period while a woman on the island; it is not the resort’s fault. And stop your bitching. 3.) If you do not turn back into a guy when you pass the portal, too bad. You stay a woman and have no grounds for a lawsuit against the resort. Don’t act like a pussy. 4.) The longer you stay the greater the risk you never get your junk back. 5.) If you stay longer than four weeks it is certain you stay a woman.

When Joey’s sister, Martha, and mom walked through the portal with Joey to return home nothing happened. Joey became Erin forever. Dad was not taking any chances. He refused to walk through the portal for fear he would he changed back. He stayed on Mystery Island, got a job as a hostess and refused to leave for at least a month.

Dad wanted to be Corrine more than he wanted his old life back. The whole family had to stay on the island a while longer until dad kept his chest and slit. Now we know why dad mysteriously found money for a family vacation. He wanted to start life over the way it was meant to be.

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