Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scientology's Feminine Secret

There is a secret Scientology does not want you to know, a secret so deep and devastating it would shock the world if known. My name is Larry and this is my story.

I was brought up in Scientology and followed the church’s teachings until the rebellious years of young adulthood. I started to break away, but the church increased my auditing to help me back into compliance. They had all my secrets, ones I wanted no one to know. They knew what was underneath the veneer of my mind. They knew I was really a girl born in the wrong body. And if they could not keep Larry in the church, Sara would.

Scientology changed me. Rather than have everyone I know disassociate me they tried a revolutionary idea, convert me into the perfect Scientologist. As you can see the change did me good. Surgery and hormones made all the difference. My rebellious nature faded once the offending appendage was removed. Now I am obedient to the church leaders. I am a girl; I know it. The church gave me everything I have; made me everything I am. They even gave me a boyfriend to keep an eye on me, eh, I mean love me.

I wonder if I’ll meet Ron on the ultimate OT level.

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