Friday, September 11, 2015


Growing up a nerd, Lenny had few friends and never a girlfriend. He would have noticed if he wasn’t buried in his computer and books. As Lenny grew older he became better at internet systems. Before long the government kept a close eye on Lenny. His ability to sneak in and out of restricted systems posed a threat in the minds of high ranking government officials.

Girls were something Lenny noticed, but did not notice him. He was in to all this weird shit most girls found repulsive. By now Lenny was stealing government secrets. There was no harm as Lenny did nothing with the secrets, but the secrets were now on an unsecured server in Lenny’s bedroom.

The government needed Lenny’s skills. Arresting Lenny would be a waste of talent. Instead, it was decided to kidnap Lenny and put him to work for the agency. The grab went off without a hitch. Lenny’s parents were distraught. Not that the parents would even recognize Lenny. The government felt Lenny should undergo a full MTF transformation as part of his cover. Now, as Lara, Lenny had no resemblance to his former life. He is still a geek in to all kinds of crazy shit. Girls notice Lara now and are jealous; boys notice her and want her. All Lenny wants is quiet time with his computer. And the government quietly watches and learns.

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  1. Reminds me of the BBC series "The Prisoner ", which creeped me out at times. What with the crazy plot twists and people appearing and then disappearing ! This caption was the best one yet. In an Age of gene-splicing ; advanced surgical techniques and nano-bots , who's to say what's fiction or fantasy anymore ? I could possibly see a scenario like this used to hide tech-workers from saboteurs and other threats. Nano-bot body suits anyone ? Brrr, I sense Big Brother is alive and well ! ( Echoes of 1984 by G. Orwell )