Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Vacation

Today's book select shows how sick I am. Enjoy.

A late season family vacation surprised Joey. Dad, always the tightwad, sprung on the family his idea of a vacation, even as school had already started. What excited Joey the most is the destination: Mystery Island. Joey’s sister, Martha, and mom thought it would be fun to see dad and Joey live a week as girls. Dad had a vacation fund which will cover the whole trip so he is happy. And Joey never saw a girl naked before and now he will be a girl for a whole week.

Mystery Island is a plane ride away. The family had their eyes glued to the windows of the plane as it came in for a landing. The airport is where it all begins. Once you clear customs and immigration a portal marks the line where the radiation field of the island turns everyone female. Joey raced for the portal and was the first through.

Joey took the name Erin. She was a cocky tramp as she posed for this photo outside her bungalow. It was an exciting vacation. Martha kept teasing Joey he was a girl. Erin worked hard to look sexy and demure. His friends at school will never believe how much fun he had as a girl.

Then the week was nearly over. It was time to pack the bags and head for home. Erin waited for everyone else to walk back through the portal before he took his turn. As each person passes the portal it gives out a little snapping sound for men returning to men. When Erin walked through there was no sound. Mom gasped; Martha snickered. “What?” Joey said confused. Then he realized what happened: nothing.

The kind customs and immigration agent explained that once or twice a year a male visitor to Mystery Island doesn’t transform back. Joey is this year’s lucky girl. Martha, with a grin ear to ear, said, “Bet your friends believe you now.”


  1. I wanna see a sequel; Erin's dad stays behind in the island as her sexy mom! ;)