Saturday, September 19, 2015

Expanding Horizons

Sorry for the outburst yesterday; life was crashing in. Thank you to everyone who expressed concern. It is hard to concentrate on stories when so much is bothering me I've decided to take certain actions to keep these two TG blogs current. Another blogger has kindly offered to write some posts for me until I get my head back on straight. I'm taking her up on the offer. I am also going to modify/update some very old posts. Most of you will not notice. Thank you for understanding. 
                 -Still Krazy 

Business has its challenges. A CEO of an intergalactic corporation requires numerous trips to exotic worlds to conduct business. Evan is one of the best CEOs ever. His corporation had trade agreements with 957 worlds, more than any other company in the galaxy. There are even rumors Evan will open the first trade route with the Andromeda galaxy.

The work schedule for Evan is brutal. The constant effort to meet the societal mores of each world is a must if Evan plans to expand his empire. On TempaK 11 Evan had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He accepted the gift offered by the TempaK people: a gender change. It is considered a great honor to be offered and accept the gift of a new gender.

At first Evan struggled with the change. Soon he learned women enjoyed a calm men rarely do. As a result Evan found himself wandering fields of grass as he relaxed after a grueling day of negotiations. It was important that Evan keep his new body so he changed his name to Quinn. The name and the body grew on him.

TempaK 11 is the largest trading partner Evan’s company has. Evan enjoys the frequent trips to his favorite world. People there respect Quinn. She never misses an opportunity to wander the grassy areas lost in thought and enjoying bliss. Business is good.

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