Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sister's Challenge

Martin had a fantasy only his sister, Tracy, could fulfill. (Get your mind out of the gutter; Martin is not a perv.) Martin always wanted to spend a day as a secret woman. Not a full dress up, mind you, but wearing a bra and panty underneath. Only he would know his personal little secret that would cause him to smile every time he met a woman that day. He would know he had something in common with every one of those women, an intimate secret.

Buying clothing for a one day use only seemed like a waste to Martin and he would have a hard time mustering up the courage to checkout women’s undergarments at the local department store. This is where Tracy comes in. She knew of Martin’s dream. In a moment of weakness Martin told her. Tracy loves her brother and wanted to see him happy so she borrowed him the panty and bra he needed.

It was a perfect day for Martin. By the end of the day he was addicted to wearing the panty and bra. The next day Tracy helped Martin with a full makeover. By the time Tracy was done Martin was a prim and proper girl. If yesterday wearing a bra and panty was a thrill for Martin, today sent Martin to the moon.

Tracy loved to see Martin so happy. She talked him into a trip to TG Incorporated for a permanent change. Martin only hesitated a moment. When Martin walked out of TG Incorporated the next day as Connie he knew he had made the right choice. When he meets women on the street now he has more than a panty and bra in common with them.

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