Friday, September 18, 2015


Update from Kay: As you know I had a lightning strike a week ago that caused significant damage to my home and appliances. The cost to cover the uninsured portion is huge, more than I can afford. I have accepted a second job so I can get my life back (as if working 15 hours a day is a life). I toyed with a contest to help provide content on my TG blogs: Krazy Kay's TG Captions and Swaps and Exotic TG Captions. Nobody has responded they were interested. Since I write these stories late at night after a long day of work I know I will not keep up the pace. I know I will miss some days, maybe a lot of days here. If someone wants to try their hand at TG captioning I would be happy to post there stuff on the days I don't have time to write. To the best of my ability I will continue to tell stories, just not as often. Please understand. 

Love, Kay
TG Incorporated guarantees their transformation services. The process is fast, painless and leaves you feeling good all over, alive and full of life. The science is no longer experimental. Doctors can perform a perfect boy to girl transformation in a very short amount of time. What Barry did not expect was the disorientation. He opted for the nanobot treatment, which is the fastest way to go from boy to girl.

The process left Barry confused as he examined his body in the mirror. Of course he looked hot, sexy, but it was like something was wrong. He took this selfie shortly after leaving the nanobot pool. After this selfie Barry was ushered to the reorientation room to learn his new identity. Barry would soon learn to respond when called Lisa.

The hospital where TG Incorporated handled their procedures had a wing for girls experiencing life for the first time. Lisa took advantage of the programs offered in the special wing of the hospital. Most new girls adjust quickly. Some, like Barry, struggle when they are turned into a girl. Heavy doses of therapy, female attitude training and sexually encouraged encounters break down resistance until acceptance sets in.

At the end of the indoctrination Lisa could hardly remember who Barry was. It all seemed like a misty dream almost lost, totally forgotten, to time. Lisa found a boyfriend soon after leaving the hospital and is very sexually active. Her boyfriend says she is quite kinky.

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