Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magic Panties

How can a company like TG Incorporated keep business brisk when many of their best customers have already used their services? Repeat business is a big problem for the company, as in, they get no repeat customers. Well, unless some guy grows his dick back and there are no reliable cases of this ever happening. Reliable, that is.

After the initial surge in transformations, the company’s biggest selling point (newly minted women) disappeared. Once the women settle in to their new lives they stop talking up TG Incorporated. This is where the marketing department came up with a genius plan. If they gave away a few surprise transformations it would keep the company’s services on the front page news drawing in more clients at no cost.

The beauty of the plan is it costs nothing. In fact, people pay for the privilege. Here is what the TG Incorporated promotions director did. They issue a news release stating the company is now selling magic panties. Most of the panties are like any other panty. But every so often a panty is laced with TG dust and nanobots.

The marketing campaign was a smashing success. Guys were buying panties like there was no tomorrow. Every couple of days the news would report about a guy who went to work and started looking feminine around noon and a full blown woman by quitting time. Each news story spiked sales in magic panties.

Cost kept Alan from visiting TG Incorporated. With the new promotion Alan figured he needed underwear anyway so he may as well wear panties. If he got lucky the panties would fit perfectly by the time he headed home from work. Four months and nine days later his dream came true. He went to work as Alan and left for home as Ellen. The news reports were exciting to Ellen. She caused the biggest spike in sales for TG Incorporated ever when she posed in the panties that changed his life.

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