Sunday, September 13, 2015

Divorce Settlement

The divorce settlement was clear; Max’s philandering ways have cost him half of everything he owns, including his manhood. It seemed so unfair that he had to give up his man card just because he succumbed to the advances from the maid. How was he to know his wife would walk in at that exact moment? Otherwise she was out all day shopping. But no, the one day the maid is too much to resist his wife cuts short a shopping trip for the first time since Clinton was President.

And, OMG! was she pissed. She filed for divorce the same day. The judge had no sympathy for Max. He cheated on his wife of sixteen years with the maid. Now she gets half of everything he worked for. She couldn’t run a business if her life depended on it. Her job was to spend money and sleep in his bed. He did all the work! Okay. He screwed up. Max admits it. But does he have to lose his junk over one sexual tryst?

It did not matter. Max hung his head in shame as he is now Cleo. He will never cheat again; he has learned her lesson. The good news is s/he has more time to enjoy life than ever. His business was sold to pay off the old bag, ah, I mean his ex-wife. That left a large pile of liquid cash for her own personal use. Who needs a wife anyway, Cleo thought. She learned her lesson. If you are going to get married make sure it is to a rich man. It always works out in the end.

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