Friday, February 20, 2015

Business Trip Opportunities

Business trips provided Barnie with the opportunity he needed to carry out his favorite pastime: cross-dressing. It was a secret only he knew. His family had no idea and co-workers might be shocked to find Barnie wore panties to work some days. It was a compulsion he couldn't control.

That is why Barnie was so excited to learn his employer was sending him to a seminar on Mystery Island. Barnie packed for the weeklong event, making sure he had the extra suitcase filled with the important clothes.

Barnie planned to spend the whole weekend as a woman. He would dress casual during the day so no one would know he was wearing women’s clothing. At night he would dress as the most beautiful woman he could be.

The first night Barnie set all his favorite clothing on the bed. He picked a silk negligee to sleep in. He attached the breast forms, slipped on a panty, set his wig and slid into the silky soft negligee. It felt so good against his skin as he laid back on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he woke to his cell phone. It was Barnie’s wife, Tracy. “How are you this morning, honey?” “Fine,” Barnie said as he tried waking up. “You might want to take a look at yourself in the mirror, dear.” “What?” Barnie walked into the bathroom and stopped dead when he saw himself in the mirror. “I knew about your little secret for years, Barnie. You can’t keep that kind of thing from your wife. So I figured if you wanted to be a woman so bad I’d give you what you wanted. I sprinkled your cute outfits with nanobot powder. If you look in the side pocket of your suitcase you’ll see your new passport.” Barnie found the passport. He opened it to a picture of him in his new body and the name Terri. “Don’t worry, honey. I still love you. I experimented with girls in college. And now I have you.”

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