Friday, February 6, 2015

Puppy Love

Irina was so happy her puppies remembered her. After the car accident shredded parts of his body the doctors had to turn Ben into a girl, Irina. The accident was horrible; Ben was the only survivor. A rock slide forced a car to swerve into the oncoming lane where Ben was driving. Ben was driving alone, but the other car had a family of five. Just horrible.

Ben was spared damage to the upper and vital parts of his body. Twisted metal tore into his midsection and destroyed his manhood. The doctors had no choice. Reconstructing Ben back into a man would take years and many operations and he’d still only be a marginally functional man. Ben authorized the complete transformation.

Ben owned a doggie daycare business. He was worried the dogs, especially the puppies, wouldn’t know him, being Irina now, was really Ben. The first day back put all worries aside. The puppies were the first to run to him. All his clients are very supportive of his changes. They are glad he is alive and well and still providing a safe home for their dogs when they are away.

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