Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Book to Treasure

Tom heard stories of people that bought a painting or a book for a dollar or two at a rummage sale and the item turned out to be worth millions. The old book of incantations Tom bought at an estate sale had all the markings of such a find. Before having the book appraised Tom decided to read the volume.

Between the spells and incantations were stories of men and adventure. It seemed the men always ended up as the women by the end of the story. The stories also seemed to talk directly to Tom. Each story was more interesting and exciting than the last and had details of his personal life. How did they do that? By the middle of the book Tom read that the next man to finish this book will close the cover as a woman named Rhonda. Tom smiled to himself. This book of age-old romance had to be worth millions.

It was impossible for Tom to stop reading. The stories kept pulling Tom in deeper. He never noticed the changes to his body as he read each incantation. Before long Tom’s appearance was completely changed. When he reached the end and closed the cover he looked down and saw what he had become. “At least I know my name,” Rhonda said to herself. She could not even remember what her life was like before she opened the book. There was no way she would sell such a priceless treasure.

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