Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Change of Heart

(If I can be granted one last Google TG caption now that Google changed its mind. --Krazy Kay)

As you have all heard by now Google has reversed course on their changes to blogspot blogs. But what you don’t know is why. Check out the three news reports below to understand why Google took the action they did.


Reports came in last night of 723 women storming Google headquarters. After intense hostage negotiations, the women released all the hostages. Hours later the company announced a backtracking on plans to change policies at blogger.


A rash of disappearances has taken place over the last several days. Reports list 723 men who disappeared in the last few days. All the disappearances seem to involve men who ran or frequented TG blogs. Authorities have no explanation for the disappearance. Authorities say they have no leads at this time.


A witch of the Northern Province has sold more potion than any witch in history all in the last week. Witches of the latest gathering expressed envy.

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