Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Perfect Fit

Sam enjoyed dressing in his sister’s clothes whenever the opportunity arose. Sam had no idea Cynthia knew he was doing this. Of course, how could she not know? A boy can’t put a girl’s clothes back exactly like he found it. And the smells. A girl can tell when a boy was having fun in her panties.

Before long Sam grew the courage to steal a panty from Cynthia and wear them all day. Then he decided to spend a night in her lingerie. Cynthia would never know, Sam reasoned. How could she? She has so many.

The next morning Sam woke to a new feeling. He rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. As he walked past the mirror he stopped cold. Any sleepiness was gone. His eyes shot wide open as he stared at his body that filled out the lingerie perfectly. “How ya doing, brother?” Sam nearly jumped out of his skin as Cynthia snuck up behind him. Sam was at a loss for words. “Yeah, I knew all the while what you were doing. I bought a little bottle of nanites,” Cynthia said twirling the finger sized vile in front of Sam, “and signed a contract with the modeling agency for you. Now you can parade around in lingerie all day, Amanda.”

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